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Getting Off Of Auto-Pilot And Becoming Free ......

The following is an excerpt from Ross Jeffriesan inventor of the most successful technology for connecting with women(as well as with others) and also one of the masters of NLP--Neurolinguistic Programming-the new science of achievement:

As I have said over and over, one of the major keys to living
the life of your dreams is...

.......Recognizing and Getting Off Of Auto-Pilot!

Remember, most people are walking around IN TRANCE. And even more
importantly, the trances they walk around in...trances of fear..of
limitation...of doubt of lack....

..............Really Do Not Serve Them!

Actually, these trances DO serve someone. They serve the "power
structure" that profits and feeds off of a society of weak, programmed,
obedient and fearful robots, who will look to the "authorities" on how to
live an "ok" life.

Getting Off Of Autopilot..Now..Today!

One of the big pieces of getting off of autopilot and having
real choice, is becoming aware of your fixed paterns of perception,
response, action, etc.

To develop this "meta" awareness is a powerful tool to peel away old,
trapped ways of thinking, acting and responding and believing. It makes
it MUCH easier to move up ANY learning curve for any skill set.

You see, technical skill IS important. But many people offer fairly
good models for technical skill(how to sell, how to seduce, how to get
fit, etc) in different areas of life, yet few people get real changes or
the huge leaps they want from following this advice.

Sometimes, the advice is lacking(as is the case with my rip-off,
cheap-jack, bullshit imitators and "competitors")

But just as often, even with good "advice" and good model for new
technical skills, the person trying to follow this advice has a bigger
problem: they want to really change an area of life that has been deeply
emotionally challenging, evoking lots of fear, self-doubt, personal
limits etc.

What can often happen is that the new advice, new skills, new ways of
thinking, feeling, acting and believing are filtered THROUGH the old
emotions, experiences, beliefs, etc

This means that people seldom consistently will act out the new skills
from the right frame of mind. They will be fighting themselves, their
old habits, tendencies, etc.

A metaphor I use is, if I give you a pair of glasses dipped in dog
shit, EVERYTHING WILL LOOK BROWN. That is why methods that assist in
building clear, unfettered awarness can help us keep old responses, beliefs,
behaviors, choices at bay and "in the freezer" LONG enough for new way
to take hold, and long enough for us to move up new learning curves
because we can see the new skills, beliefs, responses THROUGH CLEAR EYES

This is doubly necessary when the new ways are very different from the
old ways and require major shifts. Remember, the further something
stands from how you are used to acting, thinking, feeling and believing,
the greater the chance for HUGE leaps. Also, the greater the chance for
old ways to leap back up, unless you have a practice and discipline to
deal with them.

I'll say that again: practice and discipline. Onward... Anything you
do to bring your habitual patterns into your awareness(without anger,
fear or reaction) is useful. This is why I am challenging you to go from
one extreme to another and to pay attention to flows of feeling that
trigger all of it; the awareness of feeling flow is key to knowing when
you are slipping into old patterns of behavior and is also key to
designing in NEW ones!

How To Use Breath And Energy To Immediately Set You Free!

Does this make sense? Now, here is the next exercise to do: As you
know, I talk alot about a spot on the body located about 2-3 inches below
the navel, between the navel and the public bone. If you've studied any
martial arts, occult or "esoteric" disciplines, this spot is called
different names: the kanda, the t'an t'ien, the hara, etc. Without
getting into intricate explanations, you just need to view it as a major
power center in the body and a major awareness center as well. So....stand
upright. Feet planted about 2 feet apart. Take a deep inhale, and as
you do, imagine the breath is moving in a soft line of energy feeling
down the front of your body and swirling in the t'an t'ien. It doesn't
matter if it is clockwise or counter-clockwise. Find out which works best
for you.

Exhale by pulling your belly toward your spine and as you do, send
strong line of energy from the small of your back up the center of your
spine, out through the top of your head.

(By the way, you can go to the website and see a free video that will
show you exactly how to do this...

Click that link. Scroll down the page to the second to the last
video. You will see me demonstrating this with myself and teaching it
to a student.

And if you want to learn more about doing this, I highly recommend my
Fear Into Charisma video/DVD. Just click here to find out more:

that are now just considerations that you can actually put aside? Don't
try to MAKE this happen..just notice if it does?

What patterns of response/behavior do you notice in other people? What
specificly do you notice about how they respond to authority/power and
how they exert authority/power with others? Can you notice which of
their behaviors are "auto-pilot" and which appear more freely chosen?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you at Speed Life, and I can't wait
to also introduce you to the "Super-Team" of other amazing trainers.


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