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A Tip About Using the "Buy It Now" Option

There is at least one reason why someone would place a bid very early in the auction: to remove a "Buy it Now" option. Remember that when an auction item also has a "Buy it Now" option, if someone decides to "Buy it Now" the auction is over. But the opposite is also true: As soon as someone bids on the item, the "Buy it Now" option disappears. If someone comes across an item she wants but she's not willing to pay the "Buy it Now" price, she'll enter the minimum starting bid just so another user doesn't come along and buy it out from under her.

4.8 Million New Listings per Day

eBay is a massive operation with something like 4.8 million new listings per day!

eBay Infrastucture
A series of service disruptions in 1999 caused real problems for eBay's business. Over the course of three days, overloaded servers intermittently shut down, meaning users couldn't check auctions, place bids or complete transactions during that period. Buyers, sellers and eBay were very unhappy, and a complete restructuring of eBay's technological architecture followed.
In 1999, eBay was one massive database server and a few separate systems running the search function. In 2005, eBay is about 200 database servers and 20 search servers.

The architecture is a type of grid computing that allows for both error correction and growth. With the exception of the search function, everything about eBay can actually run on approximately 50 servers -- Web servers, application servers and data-storage systems. Each server has between six and 12 microprocessors. These 50 or so servers run separately, but they talk to each other, so everybody knows if there is a problem somewhere. eBay can simply add servers to the grid as the need arises.

While the majority of the site can run on 50 servers, eBay has four times that. The 200 servers are housed in sets of 50 in four locations, all in the United States. When you're using eBay, you may be talking to any one of those locations at any time -- they all store the same data. If one of the systems crashes, there are three others to pick up the slack.

When you're on the eBay Web site and you click on a listing for a Persian rug, your computer talks to Web servers, which talk to application servers, which pull data from storage servers so you can find out what the latest bid price is and how much time is left in the auction. eBay has local partners in many countries who deliver eBay's static data to cut down on download time, and there are monitoring systems in 45 cities around the world that constantly scan for problems in the network.

This infrastructure lets millions of people search for, buy and sell items simultaneously!

eBay Goes Shopping

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about shopping,blogs,auctions,best buys,deals,bargain to be dangerous? Let's see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from shopping,blogs,auctions,best buys,deals,bargain experts.

In a surprising yet very interesting move, eBay has decided to buy for $620 million in cash today. This could be a good synergy for the two of them. faces an increasingly commodotized battle in a crowded space (Shopzilla, BizRate, NexTag, PriceGrabber, mySimon, Froogle and countless others) and eBay's stock took a hit recently after analysts freaked when eBay showed signs of slowing growth.'s share price is also lagging lately, due to lack of investor confidence in their aggressive expansion and marketing plans. With this acquisition, gains resources, a potential traffic source, and a bit of insulation from the short-term focus of the street.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

EBay gets a little shot in the arm in terms of traffic, one of the better product catalogs in the business (normalized product catalog is not a trivial undertaking), user opinions (from Epinions) and also a foothold to expand its dealings with more established online retailers. That said, aside from technical issues that they will surely need to surmount if they choose to tightly integrate the sites, there are potential business issues witht existing merchants, who may be unhappy at the prospect of being undercut by eBay sellers.

With its involvement in Craigslist, eBay grows more in local/person-to-person commerce. Now, with integrated, its fixed-price offering grows. This is just another volley in the continuing battle for net domination between Google and eBay. eBay's announcement reinforces their strategy to be the online "shopping portal" for all goods -- it's not just Pez dispensers anymore .

Sometimes it's tough to sort out all the details related to this subject, but I'm positive you'll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

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I'm Impressed...This NLP Stuff Really Works

I was really stressed out trying to figure how I'll handle all my responsibilities...getting them done on time. Thoughts just began running into each other like a congested highway traffic jam.

How in this hell am I going to get all this done...I know, I know: PRIORITIZE! But that ain't working today! What about meditating? Well, that's the type of thing you do in the privacy of your home, not while you're in the middle of a busy work/school day.

A solution came as I searched the Net for some business-related info that accidentally brought up something I hadn't checked out in a while...NLP --Neuro Liguistic Programming. It's an improved field of psychology that boasts of fixing social,emotional, and various forms of mental problems in less than half the time of ordinary therapy. It has NOTHING to do with you laying on some so-called doctor's coutch expressing your problems for hours with nothing to show for it except a mega-bill.

Well anyway, I tried a couple of their subliminal sound tracks and wouldn't you know mind simply freed itself. I mean I feel like I'm reclinig on a feathery sofa in deep outer space just watching the planets travel! It's not that I no longer have those responsibilities, it's just that it doesn't bother me like it did just a few minutes'll all be taken care of at just the right time --which will manifest on its own. AnyOne reading this definitely has to listen to some of these tracks, so I've included them below:

- Neutralize Jealousy
- Letting Go Of Someone Else
- Slicing Enhancer
- Confidence Booster Improved
- Special Subliminal - Resolving Past Shame
- Fear Of Public Speaking - Improved
- Accept The Chaos Of Life
- Better Body Image
- Minimizing Advertising Influence
- Essential Mind Cleaner
- Super-Charge Your Metabolism
- Assertiveness Training
- Dissolving Social Embarrassment
- Accelerated Learning (Phase #A)
- Super Affirmations
- Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
- Sleep Better
- Falling Deeper Inlove
- Forgiving Your Parents
- Faster Weight Loss
- Just Be.
- Resolving Inner Conflict
- Neglecting Neglect
- Enhance Focus and Concentration
- Dealing With Negative People
- Wanton Motivation to Exercise
- Heal Your Past
- Increase Your Motivation to Exercise
- Overcome Your Shyness and Social Anxiety
- Increase Your Motivation
- Boost Your Self Confidence
- Tap Into Tony Robbins Personal Power
- Supercharge Your Self Esteem
- Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
- Boost Your Self Confidence
- Boost Your Self Confidence

By all means, leave a comment and let me know if this was something AnyBodyNeeded!

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