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Whirled Musings: Illuminutty: the secret brotherhood of the chronically gullible

Time to speed up sucees!!!!!!!

Whirled Musings: Illuminutty: the secret brotherhood of the chronically gullible

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eBay and Paypal Runarounds...

ebay and paypal are very large, so large they can with impunity ignore a legitimate problem that one of their customers can have. They rotate the people assigned to a claim review until they wear you out. They being very large and you being a small individual fall prey to their busineess practice of shuttling you from one to the other until they can say "Sorry the time has expired" or " We are really concerned ..." but they have obviously not really even read the correspondence.

They prey on your natural trust in them. You are probably an honest person trying to sell or buy on the site. Things go wrong, then you get an email from them which has numerous links. If you see this, this is the strart of the runaround. They have a goal to retain their account recievables, what they earn for your listing. If they help and pay a claim, I think it is up to $200 now, then that depletes their earnings and you, the little guy get the runaround until you are worn down and give up.

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Japanese Car Auctions - Import and Save!

Japanese car auctions are a great place to pick up a quality Japanese car for a good price, but how do you get in the game? How do you go from reading this article to driving your dream car for the first time?

Let me ask you something. What is the main reason why you want to go through the hassle of importing a car when you can just buy one locally? Is it because you cannot find the car you want locally? Is it because you want to save money by importing the car? Is it because you want to have a unique Japanese car? Or do you just want to be the first owner of your car in your country?

These are all great reasons why you should choose to import a car rather then buy a car at your local car yard. Japanese car auctions are definitely the way to go if you want to by a car in Japan and import it.

There are many Japanese car exporters that can buy you car at auctions in Japan. These exporters have access to thousands of cars every day so you can be sure to find the exact car you want. I recommend J-Cars as your car exporter. They are especially good at finding high quality performance cars that haven’t been thrashed out. Your buying agent will send pictures and details of any car you want. They can even organise a mechanical inspection for a fee of about $250.

After you are happy with the car your buying agent will put in your bid and will contact you if you win the auction. If you win the auction your buying agent will send you all the docs you need to import and register the car.

Once the car has left Japan it is up to you to get the car imported and registered. You NEED to know how to import the car if you plan to buy a car at the Japanese car auctions. This is a crucial step and you should know this before looking at ANY cars in Japan. To learn how to import a Japanese car you should consider getting the professional guides here.

This is how you buy a car at the Japanese car auctions and I hope you find it useful. This article was written to help you understand the buying process when buying at Japanese car auctions.

Remember if you want to buy a car in Japan you need to know how to import the car FIRST! Import a Japanese car with TheOneStopResource

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Could This Be eBay's Main Competition?

Buying Performance Auto Parts Online

in pulling off a number of things, the one way to remain sane throughout the
entire encounter is to retain a bit of order, to give oneself a coherent structure
to follow. So if the matter has to do with buying performance
auto parts online
, the first thing you have to do is obviously to build
up on a plan. With all pertinent details and information laid out on a neat,
tidy arrangement, you’ll feel like everything is already starting to fall
in place, even before you’ve taken the first step.

So here’s the plan. The first thing, the first and foremost, is to determine
significant—key—information that can help you find whatever missing
part it is that your ride needs. Follow the vein of thought and two ideas will
pop up here: auto parts and online. These
are the areas that your search must obviously focus on. Why online? In this
day and age, a number of automotive suppliers have sprung up left and right
in the Internet, opening a whole new world of convenience and flexibility. Why
go to all the bother of checking out an auto part shop personally, with all
the trouble and effort the trip will surely entail, if you can just acquire
the replacement parts you wish to with only
a single click of the mouse? No need to move from where you are. Nor will you
need to wrack up transportation costs since you won’t be going anywhere
in the first place.

you’re an extremely busy individual, with plenty of things on your day–to-day
plate to see to, the notion of carving up a lousy few minutes just so you can
sprint to the auto parts supplier nearest to your current location does not
sound awfully handy and convenient. Besides, there’s no telling what may
happen if you decide to set off for the auto parts supplier. Vicious traffic
build-ups, brave animals appearing and dashing towards the middle of the road,
three seconds before you run over them, and other road mishaps tend to shake
most drivers’ beliefs in the credibility of good faith and in the notion
that everything will turn out for the best, even when your ride is in desperate
need of this engine part or that exhaust item. Which is why, online is better.
And because online commerce has since boomed, a number of auto
parts suppliers
have already sprang up out there, offering great items like
disc brake conversion kits or rotors, even air filters or ac compressors, at
discount prices with excellent service. And though they certainly won’t
fall at your feet in packs, I think it’s the same assumption that online
search engines will make your job easier for you since all you have to do is
type the words in. Remember to check on the available information on the company,
though. You’re not just looking for any sort of car parts but for performance
auto parts so make sure the supplier is reliable.

When you have the info and you’ve gone online, what else is there to do?
Well, just one more thing. After all, there’s one characteristic that
all human pursuits must share and this is—yep—persistence. So whether
you are looking for car parts like wheel
alloys or other equally elusive wheel and tire accessories on this planet, the
key to getting your hands on them is pretty simple: keep at it. And sooner or
later, those performance auto parts will
land right on your lap.

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The Frugal Duchess: Is Back-to-School Shopping A Big Scam? The Hype & The Numbers

The Frugal Duchess: Is Back-to-School Shopping A Big Scam? The Hype & The Numbers
When and why did back-to-school shopping become such a spending big holiday? The average family will spend about “$563.49 on back-to-school merchandise, up 6.9 percent from last year’s $527.08 average. Total back-to-school spending this year is expected to reach $18.4 billion,” according to data from the National Retail Federation.

Here’s how we’ll spend the money:

Electronics: $129.24 vs. $114.38 in 2006
Footwear: $108.42 vs. $98.34
School supplies: $94.02 vs. $86.22
Clothing and accessories: $231.80 vs. $228.14 in 2006

With a 13 percent year-over-year increase, electronics represent the back-to-school category with the largest hike. Here the explanation from the National Retail Federation:

“Electronics have evolved from luxuries to necessities, not only for college students but also for their younger siblings,” said NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin. “While some students may be pleading with mom and dad for an iPod or a cell phone, parents are also investing in desktop or laptop computers, educational software and printers to support their children’s learning.”

Hmmmm? Is this just hype?

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