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Important Tips for New eBay Users

Enjoy bidding and buying on eBay! Follow this checklist to make a smart, safe purchase:

Learn all about the item. Read the item description carefully in order to understand all the details about shipping, insurance, and payment options. Avoid making assumptions.

Check the seller's feedback. From the item page, click on the number in parentheses after the seller's User ID, to read comments made by other eBay members.

Ask the seller questions. Contact the seller with any questions about the item by clicking on their User ID or the "ask seller a question" link on the item-listing page.

Review eBay's listing policies. To avoid purchasing an illegal or counterfeit item, check eBay's policies on prohibited questionable and infringing items.

Research the item's value. Look at completed eBay listings, visit online stores that sell similar items, ask friends, or find other ways to determine what the item is worth.

Decide the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. Use the information gathered so far (considering how much you want the item, how difficult it will be to find another one, how soon you may need it, etc.) to determine the highest price you are willing to be paid.

Understand what entering a maximum bid means. eBay's bidding system allows you to enter a bid for the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Without exceeding that maximum amount, the eBay system automatically increases bidding in increments on your behalf of the bidder.

eBay notifies you immediately if there is a change in the bidding status, giving you a chance to increase your maximum price so that the bidding process can continue.

Consider Buy It Now. Instead of the traditional auction-style format, the seller may choose to list the item at a fixed price through a feature called Buy It Now. With Buy It Now, you can purchase the item instantly by paying the price established by the seller.

Make every bid a serious one. Don't bid on multiple similar items from different sellers if you only want one. You could end up the winning bidder in more than one auction!

Once you win an item, pay promptly. Payment options include PayPal, eBay's secure payment system that enables members to send money online for free, and various escrow services, which are recommended for high value items.

Leave Seller feedback! eBay's feedback system helps create a trustworthy community for everyone. After you make a purchase remember to leave feedback for the eBay member you bought from or sold to. In turn, that seller will leave feedback for you! This helps everyone in the community get to know and build trust with one another.

If you have any other questions simply click the "Help" button located on the Ebay Search Portal near the top of this site...In fact,you can do everything you just read on this sight...Search&Enjoy!

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