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Japanese Car Auctions - Import and Save!

Japanese car auctions are a great place to pick up a quality Japanese car for a good price, but how do you get in the game? How do you go from reading this article to driving your dream car for the first time?

Let me ask you something. What is the main reason why you want to go through the hassle of importing a car when you can just buy one locally? Is it because you cannot find the car you want locally? Is it because you want to save money by importing the car? Is it because you want to have a unique Japanese car? Or do you just want to be the first owner of your car in your country?

These are all great reasons why you should choose to import a car rather then buy a car at your local car yard. Japanese car auctions are definitely the way to go if you want to by a car in Japan and import it.

There are many Japanese car exporters that can buy you car at auctions in Japan. These exporters have access to thousands of cars every day so you can be sure to find the exact car you want. I recommend J-Cars as your car exporter. They are especially good at finding high quality performance cars that haven’t been thrashed out. Your buying agent will send pictures and details of any car you want. They can even organise a mechanical inspection for a fee of about $250.

After you are happy with the car your buying agent will put in your bid and will contact you if you win the auction. If you win the auction your buying agent will send you all the docs you need to import and register the car.

Once the car has left Japan it is up to you to get the car imported and registered. You NEED to know how to import the car if you plan to buy a car at the Japanese car auctions. This is a crucial step and you should know this before looking at ANY cars in Japan. To learn how to import a Japanese car you should consider getting the professional guides here.

This is how you buy a car at the Japanese car auctions and I hope you find it useful. This article was written to help you understand the buying process when buying at Japanese car auctions.

Remember if you want to buy a car in Japan you need to know how to import the car FIRST! Import a Japanese car with TheOneStopResource

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