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Holiday Rush? Save Money or Cash In!

With the holidays coming up, one thing that seems to be on everyone's mind is buying gifts for friends and family.

This year, why not save up to 80% on all your holiday shopping needs?

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Here is an example of just a small, tiny fraction of actual products you will soon be able to find (these prices may seem "too good to be true" but they are actual prices):

  • Swiss Army Chronograph watches: Retail $300.00, YOU PAY $43.00
  • 13" - 24" chrome luxury car wheels (rims): Retail up to $700/ wheel, YOU PAY as low as $60.00/ wheel (rims with "spinners" available)
  • Brand name Laptop computers: as low as $200
  • Brand name Mini DV video camcorders: as low as $88
  • MINI / POCKET BIKES: Retail up to $1000, YOU PAY as low as $102.00
  • Brand name MP3 players: Retail $125-$250, YOU PAY as low as $20.00
  • Brand name 5mp Digital cameras: Retail $500, YOU PAY $150.00
  • Brand name Portable DVD players: Retail $299.00, YOU PAY $112.00
  • 2 handset cordless phone set: Retail $219.99, YOU PAY $37.00
  • Brand name running shoes (Nike, Addidas, Reebok etc.): as low as $15
  • Designer clothing (Polo, Lacoste, Diesel, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger etc.) up to 95% off
  • Brand name Plasma TV's: Retail up to $10,000, you pay as low as $600

*These are ACTUAL prices from just some of the suppliers I was able to find through the "sources" I'm about to share with you. These prices were found on October 7 2006 and are subject to change at any time.

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Eliminating Per Download Fees For Your iPod

iPods are cool right? iPods are sleek and smaller than many cellphones and totally replaces the need for a so-called "walkman".

This thing can store hundreds of songs at once which can easily be accessed at the touch of a button. Now you can even download movies, dvds, family photos, and your favorite television shows into an iPod.

The only problem is for each download there's a price which varies dependent on where you download from. A hundred songs could end up costing a small fortune.

Now there's finally a way around those "per download" fees. If you goto you only pay once and then get an unlimited amount of downloads!

That's right...for a one-time fee --that costs less than a family dinner-- you'll be able to download as many movies, tv shows, photos, and music to your iPod as you want.

Click here to and start your unlimited downloads immediately.

Click here to continue reading the rest of this post...

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