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For AnyOne Who Needs A Change: Part2

This past Sunday I had an enlighening conversation with a good longtime friend from my hometown Port Arthur. We discussed how so many keep getting caught in what I termed as the "traps of life". he pointed out that the main thing people really don't see is that we actually do have a choice in life.

Now this may sound a bit simplistic -duh- but much of the time when caught up in a difficult moment we forget about that and worse allow emotions to lead our way when emotions are just signifyers although we mistake them as justifyers. I ran across something that sheds more light on this thing about choices...hope it helps.

Check it out here: "Your Being is in a constant process of unfolding. That it will unfold is not your choice. Being is a gift you can't refuse. It came with birth. But how the rest of your life unfolds is something you can influence.

It's called making choices. Being empowered to have a real voice in your life-choices is what this booklet is all about.

But, before you can learn how to change your destiny, you must first realize that secret place within yourself where your own future in created. You must consciously enter that place of power where Being and your present nature meet; that place where all of your Life-choices are made for you. It's called the Present Moment: The Now.

And this Now is the seed of all that comes later. The following paragraph helps us see into this great mystery."

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For AnyOne Who Needs a Change

We all have little things -like bad habbits for instance- about us that we'd like to change...but procrastination along with other excuses keeps getting in the way. Why is it so hard to make a true you're about to learn...that question in and of itself is the wrong question...the right question is how would it be if we could easily make a change literally in a few seconds right now!

One way can be found here: "The simplest way I found to truly actualize the concept of “flexibility of choices”, is by using the most “primitive” and basic reframing formulas of NLP. That is one formula, that I keep seeing other NLP enthusiasts forget to use! It is simple, maybe you’d think it is too simple, but I can tell you first hand - it is an amazing split of a second technique to get you going.

The formula goes as follows:

“What If…” + “How would…” + “Right now” = anticipated dissociation

We’ll take 2 very common examples of immediate flexible choices, which you might also feel somewhat related to. The first would be the nasty habit of thinking about what others think about you… the second would be motivation to action (for doing anything).

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